Halbert Index of Sexual Desire (HISD) Questionnaire Validation



The main purpose of this study was evaluation of validity and reliability of HISD on a sample of Isfahan married men and women. 325 persons were selected among all married women and men visiting Isfahan cul-tural centers in two stages (75 persons in the first stage and 250 persons in the second one) by available sampling and completed Halbert index of sexual desire questionnaire and criterion questionnaire (sexual desire in-ventory, sexual self-presentation scale, and sexual performance scale). Results of internal consistency reliability coefficient such as Cronbach Alpha and Split-half Method (for 25 items) were satisfactory. In addi-tion, single-way variance analysis indicated that there is meaningful dif-ference in sexual desire between men and women (P> 0.100) and also there is meaningful and positive relation between aging and sexual desire (P> 0.100). Psychometric indicators resulted represent accordance of results with previous researches, and based on convergent validity and Halbert index of sexual desire reliability it can be used for measurement of individuals’ sexual desire in clinical and research environments.