The Role of Resilience and Hardiness in Mental Health in Sample of Athlete and Non-Athlete

Document Type : Original Article



Objective: This research was conducted with aim of assessment role of resilience and hardiness in mental health in samples of athletes and non-athletes .

Method: This research was done via causal-comparitive sampling 300 men and female including 150 athletes and 150 non-athletes in age of 14-50 who were selected through convenience sampling .The participants' resilience was checked through Conner-Davidson Resilience Scale while their hardiness was measured by Ahvaz Hardiness Inventory meanwhile their mental health was assessed by utelizing General Health Questionnaire.The data were analyzed computing Independent Test , Pearson Correlation Coefficient , MANOVA , Multiple Regression.

Results: The results showed the resilience, hardiness and mental health There is a significant relationship. Resiliency is also increased hardiness with mental health of athletes and non-athletes were predicting.

Conclusion: The findings of this study suggest that the originality and importance of mental toughness and resiliency in predicting mental health of athletes and non-athletes.. Therefore, planning is necessary in order to promote sports culture and its role in society to the importance of sport in promoting mental health indicators is recommended.